Infants (0-12 mo)

Your baby receives individual attention, affection, respect, and love. This is a crucial first step in the development of positive self-concepts and feelings of self-worth.

We provide developmental care well beyond the routine custodial care that addresses the infant’s basic needs such as being fed, changed, and kept clean and safe. Developmental care can address these needs as well as taking care of the infant’s need to be held, loved, and talked to, to be stimulated through objects and books to look at and listen to, to play outside the crib and be given help to do more things independently.

The care we provide helps infants develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment that balances open or free experiences with organized ones. Experiences include:

  • Activities for listening and talking
  • Physical development
  • Creativity through art, music and dramatic play
  • Activities to stimulate the five senses
  • Learning from the world around them