3 Year Olds (Pre K)

For the early three-year-old, it’s a life of fantasy and make-believe: where a stuffed animal takes on human characteristics during play. But life is not always magical for the older three-year-old, who can also be insecure and self-willed. What was a happy and serene world becomes an anxious time requiring a great deal of patience, understanding, and reinforcement of values.

Our students flourish in a learning community where they feel comfortable and find it easy to ask for help. Families and the community are involved in providing diverse educational programs, with specific “themes” for each week.

Each day consists of structured activities such as circle time, learning centers, and group activities, as well as unstructured playtime that provides a blend of the formal with the opportunity for your child to be creative and imaginative. During circle time, they come together as a group for shared activities such as the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, review of the calendar and weather, a review about class rules and consequences, and themed activities.

Children work in small cooperative groups, rotating through four centers throughout the week:

  • Math – identifying colors and shapes, counting, measuring, matching, sorting
  • Science – discovering which objects will roll, what will float, what will sink, building block towers
  • Art – cutting, pasting, coloring, painting, creative expression
  • Language Arts – recognizing, reciting, and printing the letters of the alphabet, recognizing and printing names, listening to stories, describing and sequencing events in stories and illustrations.

The Pre-K I program, designed to meet the developmental needs of your three-year-old, addresses:

  • Cognitive skills (memory, logical thinking, relationships)
  • Language – your child will receive their first magazine subscription
  • Science
  • Math
  • Fine Arts
  • Hygiene
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Life Skills Program which helps your child learn how to make “good” choices
  • Socialization