4 Year Olds (Pre K)

Lively and adventurous four-year-olds may seem to be quite secure and comfortable with themselves: boasting, bragging, and exaggerating. But emotions can also be uncertain, with laughter and tears following each other in quick succession.

Our program prepares your child for kindergarten. Each child learns at a different pace and in a different way with preparation, guidance, and lots of love and compassion, your child will reach a level of success. Each child leaves the program with the opportunity to have a good foundation, positive self-esteem and success. A keystone in this program is the Life Skills Curriculum which, among other goals, helps children learn how to make “good” choices.

The four-year-old room (Pre-K II) is one of the most important classes of a child’s education. In a warm, safe, loving atmosphere, your child feels more comfortable and willing to learn.

Your child has an opportunity to encounter many new and exciting experiences including their own Weekly Reader magazine, with the following skills stressed for acceptance into kindergarten:

  • Recognize, recite, and print the letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize, recite, and print the numbers 1-100
  • Count from 1-100
  • Recognize their name in print and ability to print legibly
  • Know their month and day of birth
  • Know their first and last name
  • Know their address and phone number
  • Identify the primary shapes
  • Identify the colors red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, white, brown, black, green
  • Dress themselves (zipper, tie, and button)